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Friday, May 14, 2004

Bolivia: is this escalation?

Steam rising from the recently tepid olla podrida that is Bolivian politics.

On May 11, I mentioned that the Tribunal constitucional had thrown a spanner in the works by ruling that four soldiers acquitted by courts martial of misdeeds during last year's uprisings can be tried again by civil courts.

(Most links to pieces in La Prensa [1])

The military were not best pleased. And the regular parties, whatever their revolutionary antecedence, seem to be encouraging them to spread their wings, politically speaking.

Senators from those parties - in the absence of those from Evo Morales' MAS party - passed a bill designed, as I understand it, in effect retrospectively to repeal the Tribunal constitucional's judgement [2].

And Morales is not best pleased at having been done up like a kipper [3]. I've mentioned before the word derechización before in his connection: his strategy had been to support President Carlos Mesa, and look to MAS gaining power the constitutional way.

But now, it seems, Morales has crashed his gearbox, and MAS is in reverse [4]. Today's story says:
El MAS rompe con el presidente Carlos Mesa y anuncia que tomará las calles.

(More here - Mesa, sensible fellow, seems intent on keeping as low a profile as possible.)

I'm still not clear whether this one is developing or not. I'm staying tuned, though.

  1. It seems as reliable as any, with a fair amount of detail. A problem is that the day-of-publication and archive URLs for the same story are different: for instance, what is now was originally I'll use the archive version: early birds will have to adjust!

  2. If I were getting into the legal details, I'd be looking at a piece like this which suggests that the Tribunal's decision was not as sweeping as all that: the Fiscalía (civil prosecutorial authority, I'm thinking) is petitioning the Tribunal to annul the court martial verdicts in the cases of the four soldiers.

    Thankfully, I'm not. Not for the moment, at least.

  3. His own fault? I'm thinking the Soviet boycott of the UN Security Council in 1950 allowing the resolutions on North Korean aggression to be passed. The other parties also passed a law providing for US immunity from International Criminal Court action. Cheeky or what!

  4. Izquierdización is a word in actual use, according to Mr Google...

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