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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

American media seems to have flunked the Kerry tit test

Old Treebeard gets shoved aside by Galadriel, who gets her tits out for the lads.

After so much dreariness - what seems a lifetime spent on whether they were medals or ribbons that Kerry threw back in 1971 - not to mention the sordid Abu Ghraib business, we get some light relief in the form of some wholesome American cheesecake.

And does the US media rejoice? Hardly, according to E&P today.

Has any hack actually asked Kerry what he said to darling daughter Alex? Did he, like the soigné Frenchman he is, merely say she looked charming? Or did he go for honest American smut with
Honey, I thought we were saving them for October.

If none of the guys felt up to it, surely one of the girls following Kerry around would have wanted to tease him about the Cannes business?

In any case, for the Kerry team, this is just the sort of humanising event they've been looking for: get Kerry to reach for his inner Cary Grant, photo-ops with the returning hardly-prodigal (quite stingy, really) daughter, gossip about the reaction of other Kerry womenfolk (a catfight with puritan (is she?) Vanessa, say - followed by kiss-and-make-up).

The contrast Kerry can make with the Comstocks (like Nancy Pelosi) who wet their knickers at the sight of Janet Jackson's much inferior mammary would be striking: all told, an excellent chance to show his presidential timber.

(As it were...)


There is a small photo (5KB) here of Alex Kerry in the dress smiling nervously and waving. At someone she knew; or at admirers of her, er, dress?


Romenesko, the Plawg's honorary copy-taster, coincidentally (or not) flags a piece in the Harvard Crimson [1] with hed and dek
Real Girls in a Barbie World
Women’s magazines should start catering to their readers, not the models in their ads

Harvard has mastered time travel...

(Alex Kerry - if you can bear to tear your eyes away - seems to be showing a bit too much collar-bone. But - no diagnoses.)

  1. Is Lawrence Summers still shtupping Elisa New, I wonder? The Crimson namecheck reminded me of that particular saga (trace back from the January 23 piece).


I see the Freepers have a nice line in bitching about la Kerry's various attributes. Or should I say, points, since equine formulations are to the fore:
Her nationality....she looks half French, half Palamino.

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