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Monday, May 17, 2004

Alexandra Kerry's way of getting a rise in the polls

The Plawg has no reticence in commenting on the attractiveness of the tottie the great American political process throws in our way.

Never before, however, has any object of desire been so forthcoming with her attributes as the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate's elder daughter, Alex: the generously-byted JPEG (the enlarged version) from Rupert Murdoch's Sun will allow readers to judge the qualities of the would-be First Daughter's breasts for themselves [1].

The girl herself somehow does not seem overly chuffed at the gawping. Is this her first on-camera public nudity, I wonder?

She's in Cannes with her own short - not in competition, though.

And she's got a bit-part in a flick called Spartan , following her debut in David Mamet's State and Main.

I suspect it wouldn't be the first time an actress had displayed her wares at Cannes for the betterment of her career...

  1. Unfortunately, they are not snapped in motion; my guess is that their perkiness is not surgically assisted.

    Intelligence supplied by Wonkette, who else?


One of the folks at Kos points me to an AFP piece which has a more mundane reason for the AK floorshow: it says she was
wearing an off-shoulder black number that turned transparent under the flashes.

Really. I thought these swanky frocks the glitterati wore for premieres were - well, custom-designed for wearing to premieres. At which flash photography is somewhat expected.

Try again.

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