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Monday, April 26, 2004

What was Bush doing on April 22 1971?

No set-up, merely curiosity.

Kerry on that date was giving his famous - notorious? - testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (kindly - or not so kindly - reproduced by NRO).

A cursory search narrows Bush's whereabouts (MoJo February 8) to this:
Spring 1971:
Bush is hired by a Texas agricultural importer. He uses a National Guard F-102 to shuttle tropical plants from Florida.

Actual journalism required, I fear: out of my league...

(There doesn't seem to be a day-by-day timeline of Bush's National Guard 'service' arising from the hoo-ha of a month or two back. In any case, I gather that the allegations relate to 1972 and later [1].)

  1. The Bush military service documentation as available online.

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