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Sunday, April 18, 2004

What is a Chautauqua?

Dipping once more into Lippmann's Public Opinion, I get to a passage where he's talking about means, other than newspapers, whereby ideas are disseminated. He lists
Magazines, the public forum, the chautauqua, the church, political gatherings, trade union meetings, women's clubs, and news serials in the moving picture houses...

What in Sam Hill, you may ask, is a chautauqua?

This page has a potted history. The Library of Congress site has 8,000 pieces online from chautauquas. There are even two movies with the word in the title - one of which is an Elvis Presley [1] movie.

It is - was - a whole big thing. Which I had not the faintest idea existed.

And the next...

  1. First namecheck for the King on this blog, I believe. Thank you very much...

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