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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

USA Today editor takes the fall - the rest carry on regardless?

A bunch of pieces [1] at Romenesko on the demise of Karen Jurgensen.

The upshot seems to be that:
  1. though the Jack Kelley affair blew up on her watch, his misfeasance had been going on long before she took up the job; and

  2. USAT management are virtually saying in terms that they are looking for her departure to draw a line, and allow - in Tony Blair's phrase - everyone to move on.

Now, perhaps a symbolic blood-letting is necessary - seems daft to me, but I am open to persuasion as to the merits. But, in an organisation the size of USAT, Jurgensen's actual - as opposed to vicarious - responsibility for Kelley's misdeeds must surely be limited. It is the entire editorial system that one strongly suspects was at fault (discussed, for example in my March 23 piece), from the humblest copy-editor right up the chain.

The Seigenthaler report on the Kelley affair has been delivered to USAT management and, according to the LA Times piece, a public statement on the report is expected this week. That will hopefully give us a rather clearer idea of just how far the intention is to return to business as usual once the storm has subsided.

(Ear protector advisory: a whole bunch of axes liable to be being ground...)

  1. NY Times piece and LA Times piece - to pre-empt pay-wall.

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