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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Tech Central Station - I'm the last to know, apparently

It's the quintessential D'Oh! moment. When you find out something, and realise it's been around for years (or an embarrassingly long time, at least). Lucy Mercer is a twofer, for instance; first, you find out that Franklin Roosevelt was shtupping her back in the early days. Then, after twigging to the polio/cripple thing, you find out he was still shtupping her after being confined to the wheelchair! (Some confinement...)

Thanks to Nathan Newman [1], I learn belately that that haven for luminaries of the right blogo-hemisphere, Tech Central Station, is published by DCI Group, a PR/lobbying outfit that works for Burma (aka Myanmar) amongst others (this on founder James Glassman).

Now, the perils of trusting the brand when it comes to what one reads have been amply illustrated - somehow, the name Judith Miller is the first of many to the starting-gate of memory - in recent times. And the reverse is also true: not every piece on TCS is necessarily a shill.

But it's better to know.

(And each man is responsible for his own ignorance. However many pols, hacks, shills, eggheads, bloggers and others may be guilty of aiding and abetting.)

  1. It's a November 2003 piece - the URL must have come from somewhere recent - can't find it.

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