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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Some inside-ish information on the Carnegie Mellon cartoon caper

A cursory search on Google News will show that the story (April 5) has developed a bit - and not in a good way.

If I can raise a head of steam, I'll get back into it by and by. Meanwhile, CMU alumnus Jason Weill - no permalinks - has a piece: he knew the cartoonist, Bob Rost, and has some words on him, and the satirical issue of the Tartan in which the cartoon appeared.

Weill also refers to the case at the University of Pittsburgh of the research project involving the site [1],
where visitors could rate whether dark-skinned people looked "black" enough.

  1. No longer exists; there is a Google cache, but it's blank; it is on the Wayback Machine here, and has been cached a good many times - but, as with this page, minus the pictures (images usually get stripped from Wayback files).

    British readers, on glancing at the names given to each photo, and imagining the researcher setting up the site, may find springing to mind the expression I bet he drinks Carling Black Label ...

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