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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Rumours of the demise of Golden State casino Indians exaggerated...

A Slate piece from last November 2003, run under the dek How the recall election broke the back of California's Indian tribes, proved pure druther.

The white man's self-imposed Trail of Tears continues, only more so. An LA Weekly article details the current state of the humiliating farce of Indian gambling [1]: whilst Governor Schwarzenegger struggles to get the Indians to disgorge some of their gambling wampum, initiatives are planned for November for large increases in California gaming, Indian and other.

One gets the strong impression that of a situation which human hand is incapable of bringing under control. The electorate, it seems, don't mind in the least being daily sodomised with a totem pole.

So why should Arnold, or the rest of us, bother?

  1. Which I've gone into several times, most particularly on October 16 2003, with loadsa links.

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