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Friday, April 23, 2004

RSS fubar again

I note that the RSS is screwed again. Having checked one or two other sites that use the same source for the gizmo that does the needful, I find that the URLs for their RSS feeds produce the same error message.

I infer, therefore, that my legendary technical incompetence is not to blame this time! Though patrons will scarcely find much comfort in the thought.

The good news: the Atom feed is working fine. (Yay, Blogger! For once.)

The bad news: Atom works in some newsreaders, but not in others. So far as I'm aware, the Betamax v VHS war between the partisans of RSS and Atom continues, I believe.

I shall try to find an alternative source for the RSS feed - the last time I looked, they were not thick on the ground.

As Edward G Robinson so eloquently put it, Mother of Mercy! Can this be the end...

(Of course, RSS readers will not see this, and will assume the Plawg has been turned off (in the Newgate sense) already. Heigh ho...)

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