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Sunday, April 11, 2004

The right result in November

The aim of the blog has been to secure - or, given its zero influence, to see secured - that the US shall never again wage pre-emptive war after its always-inevitable [1] invasion of Iraq.

A key element in this has been that those who waged pre-emptive war - Bush and Blair - should suffer condign and signal electoral ignominy, their corpses hanging, as if were, on a gibbet at the crossroads for all future leaders to shudder at as they pass by.

Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer today ponders the matter from this side of the pond. Blair's men want Kerry, he concludes, but Blair has so tied his colours to Bush's mast, he fears going down with the ship.

What if Bush's defeat would represent the lifting of an incubus (pause to explore that notion, Howard Stern-style...) and encourage Blair to hang on where otherwise he might have decided to throw in the towel?

Could that mean one might prefer Bush to squeak back in?

My guess is that right now, of the two, Blair is much the safer bet for re-election. Besides, elections can only be finessed in the one-handed fantasies of political nerds and groupies.

In these circumstances, the Plawg says: a .500 record is fine and dandy. Go Kerry!

Which - for the benefit of patrons alarmed at the notion of the Acme of Cynicism supporting a pol - is merely a means to an end. Of course, Kerry is a shmuck [1] - and most of George Carlin's seven dirty words besides. But, in Lyndon Johnson's immortal phrase, He's the only son-of-a-bitch we got.

  1. Since before the Plawg saw the light of day, at least.


What a time for Blair to be hopping a plane Stateside! Whatever you do - don't mention the Congressional Medal of Honor!

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