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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Political dogs

Of the species canis familiaris, that is.

Some comments over at Atrios bring up the case of Fala, Franklin Roosevelt's Scottish terrier.

The twee FDR Library bio of the mutt touches on the 1944 allegation by Republicans that, while accompanying his master on a trip, he had been left behind on one of the Aleutians, and a destroyer had had to be sent back to pick him up.

FDR gave a speech in rebuttal. Whether the allegation was true or not, I know not.

(The speech, be it noted, was made to the Teamsters Union. In which - it seems - neither organized crime nor Jimmy Hoffa were as important as they later became [1].)

Richard Nixon's Checkers, of course, proved useful.

More politically significant mutts as they come to hand [2].

  1. Sez this, for instance.

  2. A (I suspect, incomplete) list of Presidential pets; and a 1997 CSM piece on Famous Dogs and Their Presidents.


Whilst the URL is to hand, a longish piece on George Scalise, President of the Building Service Employees International Union, and, in 1940, a victim of the attentions of New York County District Attorney, Thomas E Dewey. Scalise's was, I gather, the first big union racketeering case.

Dewey's time as prosecutor I last touched on on August 8 2003, together with various others who did themselves a political favour by their connection with the prosection of organized crime.

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