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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Planes as missiles - a (possibly) useful summary

My reluctance to broach jury questions is a compound of absolute and relative factors. The absolute difficulties are certainly a consideration: reliance on second- and third-hand accounts, ignorance of social, political, economic and other background and so forth.

But, the relative bulks larger: how many others are looking at the same area? (Hence the attraction of Bolivia as a subject.) The current situation in Iraq is off the chart on both the absolute and relative measures: the blogosphere is generating enough bollocks on the subject to provide a million Bedouin feasts...

Now, density-wise, 9/11 makes Hong Kong look like Australia: the world and his wife is crawling all over it. I'll be staying out, for the moment.

But, while the URL is to hand, what looks like a useful summary on air defence and 9/11 in general, and the planes as missiles question in particular. And a note on a 2000 exercise contemplating a plane crashing into the Pentagon.


If I were interested in 9/11 jury questions - which I'm not (for the moment) - I'd probably be wanting to take a squint at the CAP's analysis of Condi's opening statement and her Q & A session.

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