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Friday, April 30, 2004

Pelosi allowed a straight shill on Franken

Comstock Queen Nancy Pelosi deeply underwhelming on the Franken show today on Air America - though I allow for the possibility of shards of brilliance confined to the several interruptions to the stream that happened during her interview!

She had the nerve to blame - unchallenged, so far as I could tell, by Mr Fair and Balanced - the GOP for the Medicare bill, with not a word on the treason of Senate Dems, 22 of whom voted for cloture to defeat the filibuster organised by Ted Kennedy on the bill [1].

Now, a party that laid the red carpet for the likes of Bilbo and 'Cotton Ed' Smith is unlike to strain at the gnats who did Big Pharma's dirty work. And, Franken might well have reasoned, it would be a shame if suckers who might otherwise have voted the ticket were dissuaded from turning out by futile honesty about the bipartisan corruption of business as usual on the Hill.

Interesting to compare Franken's show with an Air America show on earlier in the day, which, in the snatch I caught, had a guest speculating that Hillary Clinton saw Kerry as running to lose [2], and a Götterdämmerung of the Bush regime in a second term preceding a triumphal Clinton return to the White House in '09. The idea seemed to be greeted with some approbation by those present.

Letting a hundred flowers bloom or complete management shambles? Answers on a postcard...

  1. For several pieces analysing the sorry business, trace back from my April 17 piece.

  2. A notion I mentioned yesterday. Bob Dole in 1996, I suppose, was the most striking recent example of the phenomenon.

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