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Saturday, April 10, 2004

The other Flanders sister on Air America

Just trying out the only AA weekend show [1], and realise after a couple of sentences from the host, Laura Flanders, that she is the sister of BBC Newsnight's Stephanie Flanders (who first figured here on February 13 2003).

Early days, but I'm liking what I'm hearing. She's clearly tentative, and the mid-Atlantic accent takes a little getting used to; but she's sticking to the point, and giving the material respect.

And - big plus: no annoying sidekick!

  1. The AA stream.


Apparently, Laura has (had?) her own weekday show on KALW San Francisco [she even has her shows archived back to December]. The bio on her site has the photo - black-and-white is always classier - of a gorgeous young woman which I have to think is either a ringer or a freshman year college snap. In any case, definitely not a face for radio.

Some time ago, I floated the possibility of a tag-wrestling bout between the daughters of the presumptive presidential candidates. The Flanders sisters would be the beginnings of a fine undercard...

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