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Friday, April 16, 2004

Of course, Kerry's not actually interested in nixing AIPAC...

Where we came in yesterday was a discussion on Kerry's thumbs-up to the Bush-Sharon Pact. Some Kossacks thought Kerry's kow-tow to the Jewish lobby wasn't good.

Which only naturally led to my dragging out my druther on AIPAC being consigned to the dustbin of history.

What I didn't do was suggest that Kerry would wish to have hand, act or part in any such operation. And, when, for interest's sake, I make cursory enquiries on the point, I do indeed find evidence suggesting that a Kerry-aided assault on AIPAC would be rather unlikely.

According to this piece by a Jewish Telegraphic Agency guy (undated, but looks recent), he is a regular visitor to AIPAC, and his voting record is described by
Israel advocates across the political spectrum
- does that include Meretz? - as stellar.

He apparently has truck with those involved in the Geneva Accord - those self-haters! - and has been known - as I think I mentioned before - to court the Arabush in their Michigan homeland (and consults with Arabush-lover Joseph Wilson). He likes the idea of broking peace, whereas, I suspect, AIPAC will prefer to stick to the Bush-Sharon Pact [1].

He needs to triangulate with a Jewish electorate which is (I gather - no stats: treat as hypothesis) generally more liberal than the Democratic average on domestic issues but skewed towards a harder-line than the average on Israel. And, need one add, there's a range of opinions on all these things. He's not running for Israeli Prime Minister...

However, if there is anything in Kerry's record to suggest a willingness to do to AIPAC what Margaret Thatcher did to the British National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), then I've missed it.

But, like I say, that's only from a cursory search (there are plenty of URLs to crunch, by the looks of it!). The question I find mildly intriguing, though, and may return to it.

  1. The press release - which they do not warn is PDF, which entails unexpected and most unwelcome 100% CPU usage for tiddly machines like mine - fucking Jew bastards! as Hillary would put it... - calls it
    an exemplary display of historic cooperation between two allies committed to furthering their mutual interests for progress in the Middle East...
    That old Co-Prosperity Sphere...

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