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Monday, April 12, 2004

Now the FCC chill reaches Victoria's Secret

According to AP (April 10), it was the company that decided to drop the annual TV show.

And not the show's broadcaster, CBS - which just happens to be owned by Viacom, which owns Infinity, which (in a highly limited sense) owns Howard Stern.

Now, if scantily clad girls are too much for network TV - what about the Olympics? Those nubile young gymnasts doing contortions in those skimpy leotards, for instance; and, Lordy! - whatever you do, keep Powell away from the beach volleyball...

(NBC is promising 24 hour coverage - and, no doubt, the monstrous regiment of Kyle's Moms will be scanning every second for wardrobe malfunctions and expletives.

And, by that stage, it could well be that the going rate has gone up to half a million a pop - thanks in no small measure to Hard-Core Liberal Nancy Pelosi and her own large band of Dem Kyle's Moms (March 12).)

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