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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

More journo lingo

Indebted to Jack Shafer for hed and dek.

I think I wondered aloud one time what the technical term was for the newspaper equivalent of the colonic book title - where the part of the title before the colon is meant to be goofy or a double entendre, to catch the eye; and the part following the colon explains what the book is actually about.

This glossary of magazine-speak defines it as
Hed: Short for "headline." Usually accompanied with a "dek," a one or two line summary of the story.
and gives this example:
Is Your Boyfriend Making You Fat?
He Could Be! Here Are 3 Ways to Watch Your Waist-line During Your Relationship.

Not outrageously colonic: but there's a family resemblance.

Shafer uses the expression for:
The Post's Shadid Wins Pulitzer for Iraq Coverage; Los Angeles Times Takes Five Awards
which is neither colonic nor even a hed and dek according to the glossary definition.

I'll try to look out for better examples.


According to this, dek is also known as dek hed. In journalism? Surely not...

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