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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Media and the script

An example - did Condi know Al Qaida? - from the Howler - on the media beat since Pontius was a pilot.

Not that the guy needs a testimonial from a tyro like your humble blogger - but it is now on the daily list.

(Testament to the way blogs - well, this one - are driven by what is taking one's fancy at a given moment that, knowing for a good long while that the Howler was around, I'd only recently got into it.

He doesn't carry much on the Bolivian press, for instance [1].

But also to the paradoxical lack of interconnectedness on the net: you are almost guaranteed not to find by search the best evidence for what your are interested in. Inertia kicks in early; you satisfice; the very construction of the results list builds in a decision to stop looking after a while [2]. And you stick with what, and whom, you know.

Plus, there are only so many hours in the day...)

  1. Whatever happened to Bolivia? Every time I pop by, it seems our old friend President Mesa is surviving. And the opposition is yet either unwilling or unable to pull the trigger.

    No doubt, there are underlying developments of interest. The problem is getting up a sufficient head of steam to make getting back into it worthwhile: no blog-juice, no post is the iron rule.

    And, for the blog-juice to flow, one needs a crisis. (Just like Big Media, the Plawg is an event whore. Who knew?)

  2. A very short while. The Google default is 10 items per page. The proportion who go to page 2 of a search is not great. Those who reset the default, smaller still.

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