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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Kerry's what he said on Bush's capitulation to Sharon

Liberal Dem's torment may be sampled over at Kos.

There's no doubt that, for the good of the American polity, sooner or later delendus est AIPAC . Besides the damage done on substantive issues - Israel/Palestine first amongst them - by the baleful influence of the Jewish lobby, frankly, it's the indignity that the Republic should be held hostage by these extortionists.

I think I mentioned before the comparison with the role of trade unions in Britain in the 60s and 70s: they were thought to be invincible, and governments, both Labour and Conservative, kow-towed shamefully. Then Thatcher single-mindedly proceeded to annihilate the political power of unions. (And Blair came along and cleaned up!)

However, you wouldn't start destroying AIPAC with a presidential candidacy six-and-a-bit months before the election! Kerry has to play the Likudnik Lite, just like he's expected to do, to avoid making waves.

Getting AIPAC: what about a special election to the House? Your man flips off Sharon and his Stateside henchmen, and, when they react, you flood the district with cash, and outspend them on attack ads [1].

Once they lose once or twice like that, the mystique will be gone, and the blackmail won't work any more. If half the House is flipping off Sharon, AIPAC hasn't got the moolah to cover the ground. It's seen to fail. It dies.

That's the theory...

  1. I mentioned on March 12 2003, in a piece on the Rep James Moran controversy, the cases of Rep Paul Findley and the late Sen John Chafee who had been targeted in much the same way by AIPAC - pour encourager les autres, as it were.

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