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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Just in case Kerry thinks he might get the Gray Lady's nod...

A little rootling around, plus a tad of serendipity, produces a nugget: pyrite perhaps, but modestly entertaining.

Thanks to Jayson Blair, the big cheese (or Executive Editor) at the New York Times these days is Bill Keller - last seen here (March 28) commenting on Judith Miller and Iraqi WMD.

In an earlier incarnation at the Times, it seems he produced an op-ed, on August 10 2002 [1], running down (in more than once sense) the possibles for the 2004 Democratic nomination for president. And who should he light on first but
John Kerry, the ersatz J.F.K., who fancies himself a global strategist because 30 years ago he faced down a Vietcong ambush? (And, by the way, with all due respect for his exploit, how utterly weird is it that he then took out his handy 8-millimeter camera and re-enacted his heroism on film?

It is surely inconceivable that the Times would refuse Kerry its endorsement for any reason which would not compel him to resign [2] as candidate. And I surmise that Keller's views are less than determinative of those espoused by the paper - or the slant his hacks take in covering the election.

(Like Condi, I tend to blame the system...)

  1. This looks like the article.

  2. I'm hazy as to the procedure if, say, in September we discover that - well, use your imagination! Does the Veep candidate step up? Who replaces him? I'm sure the answers are there: I'm disinclined to do the legwork right now. (Because it's utterly unthinkable.)


Might have known: Kerry and Keller is a whole big thing. The Howler has a piece from September 2002 noting a kinda-sorta retraction by Keller of his anti-Kerry snark (it has has more here).

And then there's the fact - if it is - that Keller's wife, gin heiress Emma Gilbey, was once Kerry's coition companion. That one could go either way, of course.

(Kerry's exploits as a bird-bandit get a write-up in Corriere della Sera, of all places.)

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