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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Judith Miller debunking booked from TNR scribe: another scapegoat?

Margaret Thatcher famously called her Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson, unassailable in his then post. He soon afterwards ceased to be Chancellor.

The New York Times senior management circled the wagons around Miller and her WMD stuff [1]; now, according to the New York Observer's Tom Scocca, Franklin Foer has been hired by New York magazine to anatomise Miller.

More watchblog lunacy to be feared, perhaps: as if Miller's articles were her freeholds, and in no way the responsibility of Times editors. (A modified version of that theory actually applies to Times op-eds, as previously discussed here several times.)

Proof of the pudding...

  1. Executive editor Bill Keller (March 28) and publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr (March 22) noted here.

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