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Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's not quite copping to the Protocols, but...

Just recently, my interest has been engaged by the question of Kerry and the Jewish vote (most recently on April 16).

In mooching about for materials on the topic, I come across a JTA piece (March 23) reporting on a meeting of a
United Jewish Communities young leadership conference.

The delegates are split every which way: various social issues urging some to keep firmly on the Dem side of the aisle, the need to bash the Arabush to save the Homeland tempting others to make the crossing.

Fascinating quote from Rep Shelley Berkley (D-NV):
Making sure our people were never in a position of powerlessness again - this is why I ran for Congress. Our clout far exceeds our numbers. The secret is going to be how to keep it that way.

From the horse's mouth: you don't need a Georgia county unit system to gerrymander a political process! The Jews have far more power than their numbers entitle them to - and they don't mind who knows they know it.

(How's it done? I last looked at the question, with a fair sprinkling of links, on April 1.)

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