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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hollywood fights the FCC enforcement bill

Well, there's been some fax activity.

Apparently, S 2056 may reach the Senate floor as early as Wednesday this week. It seems that the chances are good that S2056 will keep the riders added in committee to the slimline HR 3717 sent over from the House, and maybe add one or two more. (John Breaux wants to extend FCC censorship into cable.)

Here's hoping the post-Jackson foaming at the mouth hasn't quite subsided - and the two teams of Kyle's Moms handbag each other into insensibility in conference.

The suggestion still is that Bush will sign HR 3717, but nothing fancier.

UPDATE (April 8)

According to Reuters (April 8 0030 ET), Bill Frist is having trouble closing the deal on passing S 2056 before the Easter recess:
"I think there are enough senators concerned about it that it won't go through on unanimous consent," one lobbyist said.

My understanding is that, in most cases in the Senate, no UCA, no bill.

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