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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

FCC: Michael Copps one of the good guys on media concentration?

The high profile business of the FCC in the field of broadcasting right now is obviously censorship. The more important may well be that of media concentration.

The first time I mentioned the FCC - apparently - was in this connection (November 15 2003) - arising out of the CBS Reagan miniseries fiasco.

The basic document is the 258 page FCC 03-127 (PDF), released on July 2 2003, which is the proposed relaxation in the rules on media ownership.

The November 15 piece mentions the hostility in Congress towards the proposed new rules; in the courts, the Prometheus Radio Project succeeded in obtaining a stay pending judicial review from the Third Circuit, decision on which is pending [1].

Michael Copps - the indecency jihadist - dissented from 03-127 [2] in the same ranting style as that in which he belabours the smut-merchants. He seems to be given credit amongst lefties who would abhor his Comstockery - eg October 2003 piece from the Nation.

I've deliberately abstained from a substantive enquiry on the merits: it's the fact that Copps - a Dem - has a foot in both camps that intrigues me. Like the old Jim Crow liberal [3].

Whether the next action comes from the Third Circuit on the Prometheus Radio Project case or Congress (on HR 4069 (piece of April 10) or the like), I'm not sure. Copps, though, is clearly a man to watch.

  1. Motion for stay, petition for review, decision granting the stay (all PDF). Also, press release on oral arguments on judicial review (which took place on February 13 2004 - AP report.)

    Also Tech Law Journal page.

  2. Text here (PDF).

  3. With which I've previously compared Catholic, anti-abortion Democrats (February 27) and pro-affirmative action conservatives (February 23).

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