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Sunday, April 18, 2004

A CRS Report Finder - it says here...

The lunacy about public availability continues - so far as I know.

ResourceShelf (previous item) point me to a page of CRS Report-finding gizmos - Google APIs at work. Untried, no warranties given.


A large number of foreign affairs- and defence-related CRS Reports provided here.

(Tends to be Reports on domestic subjects that are the harder to find. I find...)


Intellectual property-related CRS Reports going back to 1993 available at Pierce Law's IP Mall.

It's broadly defined:
intellectual property, cyberlaw and electronic commerce

For instance, a March 5 2004 report on broadcast indecency is available.

A bit heavy on the byteage - 1.4MB - and the 'print quality' is as if it's a photocopy. But it's not scanned as an image - and so copy/paste is possible.

Be thankful for the things they got...

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