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Friday, April 02, 2004

Cecile Dubois and the testimonial

The dead-tree book equivalent is blurb. For a blog, I'm not sure what the technical name is. Nor of those snatches to be found displayed outside theatres.

A few words of third party comment designed to entice the consumer to buy. It is not unknown for such comments to be imaginatively edited to convey a misleading impression of the writer's view of the work in question [1].

I find [2] with no little pleasure that the pseudonymous Miss DuBois (whom I last mentioned on March 29) has chosen some words of mine for her blurb section. (And no editorial skulduggery employed either, needless to say!)

I strongly suspect that this is a first for the Plawg - hence the unaccustomed tone of self-congratulation.

(This is indeed the very model of a modest blog with much to be modest about.)

Meanwhile - I'd previously noted that, of various photos of Cecile that I'd seen, in none had she been smiling: now, her mother, Cathy Seipp [3], lets me know [4] that she has a photo of a smiling Cecile on her blog: Cecile looks about to bear down on a chocolate muffin with some vigour - no wonder she's smiling! (I know nothing from photos, but it looks a cute snap to me.)

Her latest is choosing colleges:
I don't want to seem like a wimp, but applying to Harvard and the other two crown ivies will seem so unoriginal. I want a college that is unique and challenging. Of course Harvard and Yale fit the criteria, but I don't want to be seen as just another 'Yalie'.

Some well-known Yalies' been devaluing the currency recently, perhaps?

  1. Thus, a review of a play beginning
    I wish I could say this was a production worthy of its star
    may, in the hands of an unscrupulous management, become
    ...a production worthy of its star
  2. Cecile left me a note in the comments!

  3. Known here for her championing of the cause of Sandra Tsing Loh (last mentioned here on March 29) against the idiot radio station that fired her in a post-Jackson panic.

  4. Also in the comments.

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