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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Air America talks Israel-Palestine - kinda

It's the archetypal don't go there issue for Dem supporters.

Franken deals with it once a day with the tag to his Oy, oy, oy segment: he asks sidekick Katherine Lanpher What's up with Israel - and she replies You don't wanna know.

He's a funny guy; but it's wearing thin.

Now, just dipping in to the dreadful Morning Sedition, a caller actually calls the station on its silence radio on the issue.

And the Brit presenter, evidently uncomfortable, admits there's a knock-on in providing pretext for insurgents in Iraq, but It's so complicated, it's difficult for people to get their heads around.

Next caller.

All this prompted by a discussion about the need to get behind Kerry - sparked by the Village Voice piece by James Ridgeway John Kerry Must Go. (Tell us what you really think, why don't you?)

Now one might have thought that now would be the time when the liberal Air America and its listeners would be making their pitch to get their policies onto Kerry's agenda. (Does anyone worry about the platform as such any more?)

On the other hand, civil war between the Arabush-bashers and the honest-brokers amongst Democratic supporters, Kerry could certainly do without.

Should Air America really be shutting down debate on divisive issues like Israel-Palestine? Bad radio and bad politics, I suspect.


Talk between the umpteen presenters [1] on the Morning Sedition show about the need to get behind Kerry reminded me of Lyndon Johnson's line about Ngo Dinh Diem, said to journos on the flight back from Saigon in (from memory) March 1961 (and oft repeated here): Hell, he's the only son-of-a-bitch we got.

Of course, Kerry is not Diem in oh so many ways. But a recognition of a lack of any alternative may be good for morale (eliminating druthers, stiffening resolve, etc) or may tend to sow despair. It may also cast doubt on the sanity of those who skewed the primary campaign calendar early with the intent of getting down to a single candidate as soon as possible.

Sink or swim with John F Kerry - I can feel the base energising as I write...

  1. Actually three, but sounding like umpteen.


One of Tony Blair's favourite phrases is some variant of There is no Plan B. Deployed most notably in the context of the lie-fest that was the so-called Northern Ireland peace process, a more than adequate preparation for the industrial scale truth-manipulation surrounding the Iraq invasion. (As if Blair needed the practice...)

(Confirmation of the sad reality has finally made it into official print in the form of the report of the Independent Monitoring Commission.)

Much was made before he became prime minister of the fact that Tony Blair MP is an anagram of I am Tory Plan B. And, of course, the anagram, unlike the politician, cannot lie...

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