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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Air America is on the hook for FCC retribution

If anyone thought that the FCC censorship crusade was only about smut radio (and it's hard to think that anyone who's been paying attention for the last couple of months could think that), last night on Air America showed the error of that way of thinking.

One of Laura Flanders' guests (a guy whose name I can't recall) said bullshit.

Kerching! Under the regime proposed by the Comstocks in the House - Mother of the Nation Nancy Pelosi included, be it remembered (March 12) - that's half a million bucks in fines to Uncle Sam, thank you very much.

(Under current rules, the maximum is $27,500. Plus a whole lot of symbolism.)

FCC censorship is all about politics - as the pols - and the FCC itself - have fallen over themselves to prove following Jackson's tit-flop. 'Sonny Boy' Powell giving a free ride to liberal radio? I don't think he'd like to do that...

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