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Thursday, March 25, 2004

What's on in Congress

Details are, bizarrely, mostly not available either via THOMAS or the Senate and House sites.

Prospective floor schedules (such as they are) come from the majority party leaderships' sites; calendars (state of play with unfinished legislation, etc) from the GPO (this VoteSmart page has the links).

I seem to remember reading somewhere that members and their staffs have a super-duper integrated version of all this; as with CRS Reports (public access to which was kiboshed, and not restored - the last time I looked), the elected are happy to keep the electors in the dark whenever they can get away with it!

(Of bills being followed here, the Abortion End-run Bill - aka HR 1997 is due on the Senate floor on Thursday [1].)

There is no sign of S 2056, the FCC bill, reaching the floor. Though that could well be an artefact of a combination of Plawg ignorance and Congressional online shambles.

  1. The Republican Conference Daily Whip Alert is currently showing details for Tuesday!

    Some whip! Some alertness!

MORE (April 7)

The House Republican Conference site seems to have a lot of the necessary information: 108th Congress bills classed by subject, daily schedule with analysis of bills, etc. Much better than the Senate GOP site - unless I'm reading it wrong.

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