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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Washington hackery: not much changes in five years...

A January 1999 piece by Jonathan Rowe in Washington Monthly falls into my lap [1].

His pitch - namechecks aside - is eerily familiar. Opening graf:
The problem is not just smart-alecky journalists who grind their axes on the front page. The tendentious numb-brained quality of much American journalism today is largely a product of its forms. Daily journalism is frozen in a set of rituals and conventions that preclude nuance and provide formalistic cover for lazy thinking and reporting.

He does seem to think that it's possible to sideline the commentary and return the news pages to
Just what happened.

Which I think is pie in the sky.

But most of the stuff strikes a chord with me. As with his complaint that
Washington journalism has no memory. Reporters approach the capital each day as though nothing has happened in this city before.

Which is, more or less, where we came in...

  1. Of course, if I'd have been looking for it...

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