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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

UPI calls Medicare lie story: DOA

(Updating piece of March 14.)

Ellen Beck, specialist health correspondent, writes with the assurance of one with knowledge of that whereof she speaks (March 15).

She says that neither party has clean hands on the issue: but that the Dems shouldn't reopen the bill because of consequent suffering to its beneficiaries. And would be electorally unwise to do so for fear of blowback on John Kerry.

And, on the substantive issue of the cost estimate that Richard Foster was ordered not to pass on to members of Congress, she says both sides knew there was a wide range, depending on the assumptions made in the calculation. Dem outrage is mostly manufactured.

I've no corroboration of what she says. Except for absence of a press pack, or any interest from the other big wires. (And, in the time-honoured motto, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.)

Beck has my vote on this, though.

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