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Monday, March 15, 2004

State of the Media is screwed

That's the Project for Excellence in Journalism report, rather than the media itself.

Not even the report, but its online presentation.

Here's the deal: there is no PDF copy of the full report (dock 90% of points for presentation straight off the bat). Each section (11 of them) is further divided; and each of the sub-sections is a separate HTML page.

An option to print each section as a whole is provided: but the window is not equipped with a straight save facility. In order to save it (and keep the links to the associated graphics), you need to
  • get the code;

  • plug the code into an HTML editor;

  • run a replace to substitute for images;

  • then save.

Conspiracy or cock-up? As long as the sons of bitches responsible burn in hell fire for all eternity, I don't give a flying one...

[I think I may have been spending too long in the virtual company of Mike Jimenez and his wiseguys…]

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