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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Speech gets chilled even in balmy Hawaiian breezes...

More of the usual.

If you expected the University of Hawaii to be an easy-going sort of place, what with all that aloha, think again: signs are that the finger-jabbing grievance-meister has arrived and is open for business.

The student rag Ka Leo O Hawai'i published a couple of cartoons. According to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (March 11), the cartoons were printed after
a controversy over mandatory sensitivity training in the dorms.
It says
One of the cartoons shows a black man complaining about having to go to the training and then being confronted by people from the "National Alliance of Assailants of Colored People.".

A piece in the rag itself refers to a cartoon
titled "When to really skip the meeting," [which] showed a character running away from a meeting where characters were dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire.

The usual suspects duly had conniptions: one Bridgit Williams is quoted as saying
Mocking of the NAACP is intolerable.

A local NAACP operative was instrumental, you will recall, in securing the cancellation of Columbus East High School's production of To Kill A Mockingbird a few months back.

When it deserves to be mocked, it should be mocked - and with vim!

Apparently, not only students but local citizens were brought in to harangue the editors of the paper, including one
James McKoy, a Honolulu physician
who is quoted as saying
There needs to be a change and there needs to be a plan. The plan needs to come back to the students and community and I think we need to meet again so that you all will be held accountable because this should never happen again .

Honolulu attorney Daphne Barbee-Wooten informed Ka Leo last night she has names of people that can help with cultural and sensitivity training on African-American issues.

I bet she has!

Did the University show these interlopers the middle digit their interventions so richly deserved? I fear not.

Ian Custino, treasurer of the Board of Publications which oversees the rag, said [1]
we (BOP) have every intention devoted to solving this problem.

If his idea of academic freedom is to allow in a bunch of local busybodies to pressure his students into self-censorship, I suspect they have a lengthy regime of re-education and kow-tow to come.

  1. That is the quote as given in the Ka Leo. His eagerness at the time to achieve complete prostration got in the way of his powers of articulacy, perhaps?

    Alternatively, the journo might have been so dismayed at the abject performance of the administration in defence of press freedom at the meeting that the point of maintaining proper journalistic standards somehow momentarily escaped him.

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