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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Rick Perry: so much for Democrat sanctimony on Drudge!

It seems not a minute ago when the Dems - especially (natch!) the nice, liberal Dems who frequent Kos and Atrios - were having conniptions over the John Kerry/Alex Polier rumours that emerged from Drudge's fundament and momentarily flashed around the firmament, courtesy of that dreadful right-wing media, aided and abetted by the appalling British press.

To judge from the tone, Dems were as white as an altar-boy's surplice.

Now - lo and behold! - I find that, deep in the heart of Texas, they've been up to the same tricks. Some clever fellows have gone online suggesting that Governor Rick Perry on occasion bats for the other side [1]. And I do not mean the Democrats!

But, you say, this is just the usual stuff from online pond-life. No Dem politician would go within a mile of it, surely?

Step forward Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting [2]. According to an Austin American-Statesman piece quoted by a Texan blogger, Soechting was the warm-up act for John Edwards at a meeting in Houston on February 24; he called for a show of hands of those who knew the rumour (which he did not specify). Then added
They had a rally up there in support of the governor today. Some of his friends said, 'Come out, Rick, and we'll support you.' Anyway, it's a good time for us.

Now, reference to the electoral calendar will show that Perry does not come up for re-election until 2006. Why pull the trigger now?

I'm guessing we're talking the fatuous homo-amendment.

(The editor of the San Antonio Express-News was discussing the case - my first inkling, via Romenesko.)

That surplice looking not quite so pristine, perhaps? And something messier involved than the fickle finger of fate...

  1. The lurid stuff available on Usenet, for those who are interested.

  2. I wouldn't like to guess how that's supposed to be pronounced.

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