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Friday, March 19, 2004

The real Karen Ryan stands up!

It says here.

We have a website: the name of the organisation is Karen Ryan Group - not, as Campaign Desk had it (my piece earlier today) Karen Ryan Group Communications [1].

According to the site's Who we are page,
The Karen Ryan Group offers media and presentation coaching to help clients present their ideas in compelling ways.

There's Ryan and three others namechecked.

The more detailed examples given confirm that coaching clients to spout, rather than spouting themselves, is the name of the Kerry Ryan Group's game.

There is no mention that I can find of Ryan or her associates offering to front promos or video news releases. (Video production is mentioned: but the services offered are to advise on and produce such videos, not supply talking heads.)

And she has a quote from Mike McCurry. (That's the Mike McCurry.)

The company's street address is Sherier Place, in Washington. Is that good?

Mr Google supplies twelve items for "karen ryan group", including the five pages from the KRG's own site, a guy on a board picking Ryan as the HHS Ryan, and something saying she's chairing a session at an ABA conference in May.

How long, one is bound to ask, has KRG been going? If it says so anywhere, I've missed it.

(Oh, and her photo is pisspoor - I suspect she's not bad looking - and she can't punctuate [2].)

She says (Campaign Desk piece)
I feel like political roadkill.

Which makes one wonder what she thought when she took the assignment, given the ultra-controversial nature of the scheme she was promoting, and the fact she was pretending to be someone she wasn't.

(Unlike pols, of course.)

This still doesn't smell right, though. And over there, a pig is getting up and slowly walking away...

  1. Hands up to a lousy sleuthing job at the Plawg...

  2. She says more than once on the site:
    Karen Ryan Group a certified woman owned small business.
    At least a colon and a hyphen short, I'd say. And I'm not wild about the affirmative action connotation. But...


At Poynter, there's also a piece in the Forums from a David Cohen (March 19 1248); he confirms that he worked with Ryan at ABC on The Nightly Business Report ( which my earlier piece mentioned she might have fronted at one time); gives her a testimonial; and adds a bucketful to the douche of realism to be found at the site over the use of video news releases:
VNRs get produced because they get used. If they weren't used, they wouldn't get produced and this wouldn't be on our radar screens.

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