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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Radio fuck girl gets new gig

The Sandra Tsing Loh story has moved on, I find (pick up from March 16 piece).

She's got a new slot (as it were) over at KPCC, another NPR station. And the feud with KCRW manager Ruth Seymour has got uglier (hard to believe, but...): Seymour has released a letter sent by Loh apologising for the unbleeped fuck.

Of course, on the substantive issue, we've had the FCC decision on the Bono Golden Globes malfunction - I'd considered swapping FCC Chairman Michael Powell's blog nickname from Sonny Boy to Fucking Brilliant, but irony can only be taken so far.

Under the revised decision (March 19 piece), Bono's isolated, unintentional, non-descriptive utterance was condemned as indecent - and also, of course, as profane.

So it turns out that KCRW were exposed to FCC enforcement action [1] by STL's unbleeped fuck after all!

  1. Though, on the rationale of the Golden Globes decision, no fine should have been forthcoming.

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