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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

NY Times backs down on spoof corrections page...

...up to a point.

A case I'd previously mentioned on March 12: Robert Cox got a DCMA cease-and-desist from Times over the spoof page [1].

Now (via Dean's World) I find that the Times has relented - in a manner calculated to throw doubt on its bona fides. Their reply to Cox's lawyer is quoted by Cox thus:
By adding the bold-faced disclaimer at the top of the faux Columnist Corrections Page, you are no longer confusing readers and as a result of this change, we agree that the page is now a parody which is protected under the First Amendment.

Cox says his parody page never had the disclaimer (it's all those sites who've been mirroring the page that have put disclaimers on). And the relevance of the disclaimer to parody status is unclear.

I smell excessive zeal amongst Times legal plankton. But Cox is feeling magnanimous. The parody is back.

  1. This piece of his has various links to earlier pieces, and his lawyer's reply to the Times.

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