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Friday, March 05, 2004

No more from Okrent on Landesman

The final chapter can be read over at Daniel Radosh.

Following ombud Daniel Okrent's verdict on the sex slaves article (discussed at length here on February 29), Radosh wrote to Okrent, inviting him to address some of the detailed points arising.

Okrent wrote back to say he'd said all he wanted to on the case, and was moving on.

And that so far as I can see, is that. (Jack Shafer hasn't touched the case for a month now. I think he's moved on, too.)

Although I found Okrent's piece disappointing, I had canvassed the possibility that he might prefer to pass some time ago (piece of February 11).

He is, as it were, early on in the game, and wants to take some pitches, and foul off some more, rather than come out swinging. There may well be reasons not apparent to the mob why the Landesman piece was not a good one for Okrent to try to hit out of the park. NYTC politics, newsroom v Magazine culture wars, something personal to Landesman: who knows?

Okrent needs to husband his influence within the organisation as well as his credibility with the public. Landesman, whatever his faults, is not El Gordo. To judge from Google, media (and thence, public) interest in the case is not extensive. With the subject matter, making Landesman out as the bad guy would be a tough sell. The Company seem to have made a policy decision to stick by their journo.

The ombud gets the benefit of the doubt from me. Next case...

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