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Friday, March 12, 2004

Nancy Pelosi plays Kyle's Mom

Evidence in black and white?

Roll Call 55 on HR 3717 (the 'Gag Howard Stern' Bill) shows that Pelosi is one of 172 Democrats who supported the putrid bill on passing the House. (Only 21 opposed it.)

(For earlier episodes of the HR 3717/Super Bowl saga, work back from here and here.)

I can, from a cursory search, trace no statement by Pelosi on the bill - according to her site, she found time yesterday to address the urgent issue of
the 45th Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day
- her support for the extension of government control over speech in America apparently failed to make the cut.

(She proudly announces that
American Legion Proclaims Pelosi an 'Unsung Hero';
I can rectify that lacuna right now: I nominate Colonel Bogey.)

It may come as some surprise that Pelosi is rated by one site according to her policy positions as a hard liberal. (Man of the moment Howard Stern might have a little fun with that, I'm thinking...)

Of course, the safe thing, the prudent thing in these circumstances is to go along - the mob may loathe itself the morning after it's burnt the books (or the witch), but it's not going have fuzzy feelings towards anyone who warned them beforehand not to do so.

Pelosi, after all, is in the House to lead her party, not mount her sophomoric soapbox; and, when the momentum is irresistible towards one course of action, to stand in its way would be tilting at windmills.

Like the Duke of Plaza-Toro, better far to lead her regiment from behind.

[Ahem! Glory in the crunching of the metaphors...]

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