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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

More journo jargon

From Slate (emphasis mine):
USAT fronts, the WP reefers and the LAT and NYT stuff an Israeli prosecutor's recommendation that the country's justice minister indict Prime Minister Ariel Sharon...

The first and last of these are self-explanatory; reefers had me puzzled, though.

Explanation from the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors in a newsletter piece (PDF) discussing the Arizona Republic:
It now has more shorter stories with more sidebars...Additional information is now not in a jump, but in a separate story "refered" [refer, pronounced reefer] inside at the end of the main story. Jumps and long, drawn-out multi-column stories turn off many readers...They simply break one long story into two shorter, self-contained stories.

(I discussed the politics of the inside jump on March 11.)

There must be research on the respective performance of the jump and the reefer in getting readers to read the material placed inside the paper. Surely the reason the jump was invented was to use the front page material as a teaser?

Of course, there's no way that every story can be fronted: and if folks are prepared to pay for a whole paper, and skip straight from the front page to the sports pages - like I said, there must be research.


Uh oh - she's baaaaa-ack! The same Slate piece links a Judith Miller piece (March 29) on WMD. Cue Fats Waller with The Joint is Jumpin'...

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