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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Medicare videos: voices of sanity

It's presidential election year. The Medicare Act was and is highly controversial: it's politics first, last, and everything in between [1].

One could manure a good many difficult Massachusetts acres with the bullshit that the Dems have been spraying around on the HHS VPRs (piece from earlier today).

Fortunately, there's some common sense in the Romanesko Forums. As from Deb Wilker [2]:
This has been so common in TV news, for so long, on so many topics -- few even think to challenge it anymore. Obviously that's why he did it. It's become a scourge of enormous scope.

And Gary Dretzka:
...letters to Romenesko calling for reform in television news...surely will fall on the same deaf ears that have ignored similar complaints when VPRs have been used in the past to pimp for theme parks, movies and other features fodder. Simply put, these pre-canned stories have become a staple in television news...

Dem politicians 'discovery' of the VPR demonstrates either ignorance or opportunism on their part. Will the Great American Media put them on the spot about it? Answers on a postcard...

  1. Though no one thinks fit to mention it, we're talking about HR 1 (108thC), PL 108-173, short title (!) the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003. There are, of course, dozens of Medicare bills each Congress: not giving the bill or public law number is cruel and unusual punishment to non-insiders who don't have such information tattoed on their brains.

    An interesting piece from Geitner Simmons on election year flotsam, was-to-be manufacturing czar Nebraskan Tony Raimondo who was assassinated (politically) by the Kerry goons on spurious grounds.

    A handy warning to suppress any inclination to give credibility to the good faith of any politician. Leave them in no doubt that we only give them house-room because caudillos are worse.

    (I see Simmons has, inter alia, a timely piece on Adlai Stevenson.)

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