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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Medicare video star Karen Ryan writes...

In advance of a proper review of the saga, I can offer you the words of Ryan herself.

It's a bit of rant - and who can blame her? The esteemed organs of the American press did about as well tracking her down as the intel boys managed with Iraqi WMD. Rather worse, given that WMD locations weren't listed online!

(Should she and the HHS have planned for the possibility? Of course.)

And video news releases are standard fare for local TV.

Interesting commentary from Colin McKay, a PR guy in Ottawa, with some useful links. Including a piece called The Top Five VNR Myths - first of these is that
Networks never use VNRs

It also talks about the MO whereby VNRs are pitched. Not perhaps quite as casual as as some of the folks at stations which aired parts of the HHS VNRs led one to believe.

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