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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Medicare video mystery deepens

The mystery, of course, is how the material got broadcast by various local TV stations. (Following up the story I looked at in a couple of pieces yesterday: here and here).

Zachary Roth of Campaign Desk today has a piquant addition to the bubbling olla podrida: WAGA-5 Atlanta - an owned and operated (O&O) station of Fox - has been a little less than fair and balanced, it seems. Not to speak of stating apparent untruths to the esteemed local rag.

Marlon Manuel of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was pleased to quote (March 17)
Bud Veazey, assistant news director at WAGA, Atlanta
as saying, of the HHS video press release
It might [be used] in smaller markets because they just don't have the same checks and balances. You'd never see anything like that in Atlanta.

And then Roth springs his gotcha: a Nexis item apparently detailing a news item on WAGA concerning Medicare changes, featuring none other than the (fictitious) Woman of the Hour, Karen Ryan.

Are they chuckling over at the CNN Center right now? You bet your sweet bippy!

Unless, of course... It's 0400 - secret police visiting hour - and a CNN producer finds he's suddenly got a two minute hole at 0447; that nice Karen Ryan might have been an easy out. Could have happened; but, did it?

Quick question: has anyone tracked down the name of the actress who played 'Karen Ryan'? I find I have a serious craving to IMDb her.

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