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Sunday, March 14, 2004

The Madrid bombings: the Wiki approach to news

I don't know what's been done of the sort before; but the idea as applied seems to have promise.

The idea is that, where as Big Media and blogs provide new, separate items every day, the wiki format keeps the same page, but updates it.

Since one of the abiding weaknesses of media is its reliance on events - and the assumption of (a variable and undefined level of) knowledge about all previous relevant events - to have a new readers start here piece which reads as a unified whole is a welcome innovation.

With lots of topics I've covered here - I think off the top of the head of Kennewick Man and the presidency of Hugo Chávez - I tend to go away for months and then come back. Materials to answer the question Where are we with this? are usually not readily available.

The wiki format seems apt to answer that question. Keeping that sort of page up to date week in and week out is the killer, of course...

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