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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Karmazin has kojones?

Apparently, Mel Karmazin, boss of Viacom - and therefore, via Infinity Broadcasting, of man of the moment Howard Stern - is, if not mad as hell, at least not in the BBC post-Hutton fetal position.

Seems he told the Wall Street Journal yesterday he's right behind Howard:
Howard has two more years left under his contract. If he was interested in renewing today, I would renew it today.

Support for Stern is, one feels, a means to an end: kicking Clear Channel [1]. Thus:
Another company canceled Howard's show for no reason other than that they were going to Washington to testify and just didn't seem to have the courage to stand up for programming that they aired. And we absolutely stand up for what Howard is doing.

Does that mean Karmazin will be first in the queue with the First Amendment writs against the FCC?

Not to judge by this shuffle:
I don't believe anybody wants to cross over the line. Viacom certainly doesn't want to. Don't believe any advertiser would want to cross over the line. Don't believe there is an advantage to broadcasting material over the line.

No: Mel is right behind Stern and he's antiphonising with the Comstock Choir (Head Soprano: Wicked Witch of the West Nancy Pelosi).

Chance of Karmazin backing even the most narrowly based First Amendment suit against the FCC? Think Lord Lucan riding in on Shergar - with Elvis on pillion...

  1. No one round here to dissent from that.

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