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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Friedman does an I have a dream. Oh dear.

New York Times Middle East guru Thomas Friedman [1] produces a piece of druthery (March 28) whose level of sophistication in style and content would, I suspect, appear sophomoric to blog favourite Cecile DuBois. Who is a sophomore [2]. In high school.

For a start, he admits he
didn't listen to one second of the 9/11 hearings and I didn't read one story in the paper about them. Not one second. Not one story.

And that he gets his first daily dose of news from AOL.

Then he gives us his list of druthers.

And that's it.

  1. Earlier underwhelming exploits of a warnik: trace back from pieces on January 31 and January 26.

  2. Actually, I think she's a junior. A stretcher was required to make the line (as) funny (as it is). Uh oh - spending too much time with Times op-eds leads to bad habits.

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