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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Free-sheet journo takes down Erin Brockovich? It's true.

Sounds like a movie? Eric Umansky does the 'treatment' in the CJR (undated but recent).

The journo is Norma Zager, boss of the Beverly Hills Courier (which is online), a freesheet in the eponymous burg.

It's a nice story, as a story, and I won't spoil it. But the light it sheds on journalistic practice is valuable, too. (And quotable, of course, given the Julia Roberts connection via the movie, yadda, yadda, yadda.)

Brockovich, it seems, was intent on a shakedown; and hacks at some big US media names treated her claims as if they were as credible as her targets', on the time-honoured he said, she said basis.

Zager, on the other hand, decided to do some actual journalism - and the rest was history.

(Except, of course, who they get to play her in the movie: Roberts might be a little too young, but, hey! - artistic licence...)

MORE (June 15 2004)

Norma Zager (spelling corrected above!) won an award from the LA Press Club for her work on the Erin Brockovich story.

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