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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Font, shmont: why does it always have to be Times New Roman?

My guess is that Times New Roman was the font used by Winston Smith's co-workers in the Ministry of Truth: remarkable that it has achieved a similar ubiquity under capitalism (I blame that Emmanuel Goldstein myself...).

I'm no expert; and TNR's designer, Stanley Morison [1], most certainly was. But I loathe the font. Perhaps, its rendering on-screen does not do it justice. Perhaps it is subtly but fatally not the same font that Morison designed. But I think it's its ubiquity that's the killer.

Currently - if it's of any interest to anyone - I've set everything on my machine to Garamond - the standard version as supplied with XP. Thanks to Firefox, I can use it for text as well as HTML material. It's rendered pretty well on-screen - and has some delightful italic characters: the x, y and ampersand (&) are particularly redolent of 18th century books.

It's a rude surprise to go to a PDF file and realise that the TNR - it's almost always TNR in PDF files! - is immutable.

(URLs on type generally, whilst to hand: here, here and here.)

  1. No relation to Home Secretary (under Clement Attlee) Herbert Morrison - He's his own worst enemy. Ernest Bevin: Not while I'm alive he's not! - from whom distinguish Herb Morrison, the Chicago radio journalist who recorded the Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst, NJ in 1937 - from memory.

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