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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

FCC and indecency: no end to the hypocrisy

Like Jim Crow and affirmative action, the FCC censorship regime should collapse under the weight of its own absurdity.

A New York Times piece (March 15) points out that, while sports and entertainment are under the FCC cosh, an entirely different regime seems to apply to news:
Many executives at NBC still remember the episode that took place four years ago during the "Today" show coverage of the Republican Convention in Philadelphia. While the anchor, Matt Lauer, stood outside reporting live, adjacent to a group of spectators, a young woman opened her blouse and revealed her breasts.

So, during a popular network family show, with kids eating their breakfast, and parents hassled and cranky, two entire breasts - and no up-market pasties to spoil the view, I'll be bound! - are displayed on TV and...
The incident received some attention in the news media but provoked no outrage at the F.C.C. as the incident at the Super Bowl did. NBC was not fined or even warned.

And at the Republican Convention, too!

Memo to Janet Jackson: for future promos, make it news flashes...

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